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Walking Tour Around Cusco

On a walk through the streets of Cusco, the great walls and palaces built by the Incas exhibit the colossal architecture of the capital city of Tahuantinsuyo. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, they used the Inca stone structures as foundations for the churches, convents, and stately homes they built. This symbiosis forms part of the unique character of the city, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

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Classic Tour
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On foot, we will learn more about this city which is a living Inca museum.

The Cusco we see today was built on the remains of the ancient capital of the Inca Empire and we can see this city in its entirety from the viewing point at San Cristóbal church, which was built on the site of an ancient Inca palace. We continue our tour in the picturesque colonial neighborhood of San Blas, where we will visit the church of the same name, with its famous wooden pulpit. We then head for what was the most important religious center in the Inca state, the Temple of the Sun, or

Koricancha, as well as the city’s cathedral, with its paintings from the Cusco School and other colonial-era treasures such as a silver litter and the image of the Dark Christ, or Lord of the Earthquakes, as he is known.

We begin this tour at the hotel in the center of the city and end the walk in the main plaza.

This tour is available throughout the year at the time of day which best suits our clients.

Duration of the excursion: approximately 3-4 hours.



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