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Tour Huanacauri

Huanacaure Hill, located in a rural area south of the city of Cusco, about 4100 meters above sea level, is a massive rocky outcrop of the Andes, which is distinguished by being the highest hill in the area. According to the Spanish chronicles and the Andean mythology, the Huanacaure constitutes the most important huaca and oracle of the Inca culture.

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The Mount Huanacaure, located in a rural area south of the city of Cusco, about 4,100m.a.s.l., is a rock solid surfacing the Andes, which is distinguished as the highest mountain in the area.

According to Spanish chronicles and Andean mythology, the Huanacaure huaca and oracle is the most important of Inca culture.

This rocky outcrop has in its top religious buildings and archaeological sites in the surrounding roads of high symbolic value for the Incas.

According to historical data, represents the mythical Huanacaure Ayar Ucho, brother of the founder of the Inca empire, Ayar Manco, who according to legend, became a rock that lies on the hill.

7:00 am. departure to the mountain of Huanacaure, rise 1 hour. And we are rising to the top of the mountain, where we will see the first archaeological, constructions made by the first settlers Inkas, in addition to descry the city of Cusco and all the surrounding mountains. After a brief start descending to the city of Cusco.



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