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Museums In Cusco

The city of Cusco offers you a wide variety of tourist options that you must know to know more about the history and cosmovision of this magical place. The museums are one of these unmissable options that you must know in depth. Below, we suggest some of the most curious and important museums in Cusco that you should visit.

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  • Museo Inka.- Exhibition of valuable historical documents, collection of objects of the pre-Inca, Inca textiles, agricultural tools and musical instruments Incas. Painting and metal objects from colonial and republican period.
  • Pre-Columbian Archaeological Museum.- The PRE-COLUMBIAN ART MUSEUM was an Inca ceremonial court around 1450 A.D. In 1580 became into the MANSION of the conqueror Alonso Díaz and in 1850 of the Earl of Cabrera . It was restored to be the PRE-COLUMBIAN ART MUSEUM since June 2003.

This extraordinary Cusco historic monument, holds the only museum in Perú dedicated to rebound the arts of ancient peruvian cultures.

The collection of 450 master pieces date from 1250 B.C to.1532 A.D. They were selected among 45,000 objects located at the storages of the Larco Museum in Lima, by curators Fernando of Szyszlo, famous painter, and Cecilia Bákula, prestigious Art Historian.

  • Machupicchu Museo Casa Concha.– Concha’s house, located in the city of Cusco, is the perfect place to house the Machu Picchu Yale University plans to return.

The first and second floor of the first courtyard of the Casa Concha are ideal for preserving the 363 museum pieces that the commission of Yale University will bring to Cusco.

The House was part of a property of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui Inca, pre-Inca and Inca foundations with transition structures as well as colonial, republican and contemporary.


– Regional Historical Museum(Garcilaso de la Vega).- One of the most visited museums in the city. It occupies the house where the writer mestizo Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, famous for his “Royal Commentaries”. This large house, converted into Regional Historical Museum since 1946, is a relic of colonial art and is located just two blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Walking inside is like stepping back in time to see the daily life of a lofty mestizo from Cusco.

Contains valuable historical documents, collection of pre-Inca period: ceramic pre-Inca cultures of Cusco and the country, Inca textiles, agricultural tools and musical instruments Incas.

It also exhibits paintings and metal objects from the colonial period. Colonial architecture: chapels bathed in gold leaf; balconies Cusco (furniture). Coins colonial and republican. And contemporary art exhibitions.

The Museum also has an important collection of paintings from the Cusco School.

– La Merced Museum.- Important convent located in the heart of the city built between 1651-1659 for the congregation founded by St. Peter mercedaria Nolasco, within the cloisters of the convent is a gallery of beautiful paintings attributed to major artists as Bernardo Bitti, Rubens and Diego Quispe Tito among others, the same beautiful finish with gold leaf and grounds describing the life of St. Peter Nolasco, the “Coronation of the Virgin”, “Holy Family” and many others. It remains to be noted as a major relic in a cloister museum devoted to the glass is exposed to receive the worship of the believer which measures 1.2 meters tall and weighs 22.2 kilograms. The sun shows its design was made of gold baroque style, by Luis Ayala de Olmos in the XVII century.

– Museum of the Convent of Santa Catalina.- Built by the Spanish between 1601 and 1610 on the ancient temple Acllahuasi, which in Quechua means (home of the hit). The Andean Acllahuasi was a monastery inhabited by the most beautiful noble women territorio.

On some of its rooms recently restored murals exhibem show different representations of the Lord of the Earthquakes. Today is the museum of colonial art in the city more complete.



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