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Cusco Ruins & City Tour

The full day in Cusco will show you all the history of the city of Cusco from the attractions located within the city of Cusco such as the Cathedral and the Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha) and the places around Cusco such as Sasayhuaman, Qenqo, Pucapucara and Tambomachay. Full day Cusco is just one denomination if the Cusco city tour only takes half a day and usually starts at half a day. Our travel agency in Cusco invites you to book this tour and get to know the city of Cusco on the first day of your visit.

Style Trip
Classic Tour
Places to Visit
Tour Length
Daily Departures
Group Size
6 Persons to more
Physical Grade

Visit the capital city of the ancient empire of Tawantinsuyo in a much more active manner. Our vehicle will pick you up from the hotel in the historic center of the city of Cusco and take us to the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park, which stands as a fine example of how the Incas worked stone with such great skill. After walking through these hills above Cusco and visiting sites such as Tambomachay, Pucapucara, Qenqo and Sacsayhuaman itself, we will walk down to the viewing point at the church of San Cristóbal, overlooking the city.

Full Itinerary

After a brief stop to admire the views of the city below us and to rest, we will continue our descent to the artisans’ quarter of San Blas, with its narrow, cobbled streets and picturesque church which boasts a true jewel of colonial art in the form of its pulpit, which was carved from a single piece of cedar by the Cusco-born artist Juan Tomás Tuyro Tupaq.

Continuing our walk, we will head for the church of Santo Domingo, which was built by the Dominican order over the Inca Temple of the Sun, or Koricancha. Here we will be able to enjoy some of the finest Inca stonework found anywhere in Peru. After this excursion we will end the afternoon in the city’s main square, where we will have time to visit the cathedral built by the Spanish in the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as the fine Jesús, José y Maria chapel, which is home to several paintings from the Cusco School and other colonial-era treasures made from silver or carved from wood.

This program begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at approximately 4:00 p.m. It is available every day throughout the year.

During the City Tour of the city of Cusco (Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity and Capital of the Tahuantinsuyo) you will visit:

The Cathedral of Cusco. Located in the historical center of the city of Cusco. It was built between the years 1560 and 1664, with enormous blocks of stone brought from Sacsayhuamán, on the foundations of the Suntur Wasi. It presents a front of Renaissance style that contrasts with the baroque and plateresque of its lavish interiors where the most significant religious samples of colonial art are conserved.

Qoricancha. Inca temple to the Sun God on which the temple and convent of Santo Domingo rises. In the interior of this Inca temple the best samples of the Andean cosmovision and numerous paintings of the Cusco school are exhibited. Currently this archaeological site is owned by the Dominican religious, a religious order of the Catholic Church founded by Santo Domingo de Guzman.

Sacsayhuaman. Inca ceremonial temple built during the government of Pachacútec and Huayna Cápac. It is located 2 kilometers northeast of the city of Cusco. And it is built with cyclopean stones that weigh hundreds of tons. Sacsayhuamán is distributed in platforms (bastions), towers, doors, platforms, reservoirs and an immense esplanade where the Inti Raymi (the celebration to the sun) is celebrated every June 24.

Qenqo. Located 4 km northeast of the Inca city of Cusco. Etymologically, it means labyrinth or zigzag. It fulfilled a purely religious function. On the outside there is a semicircular amphitheater with trapezoidal niches and a monolith that was probably a puma.

Puca Pucara. Military construction located near the city of Cusco. It is composed of large walls, terraces and staircases that served as a defensive complex of the Inca city of Cusco. Puca Pucara receives its name in Quechua of “Red Fortress”, due to the red color that the rocks acquire during the twilight.

Tambomachay. Located 8 km northeast of the wonderful city of Cusco, on the Tambomachay River and close to the main road to Antisuyo. It was a temple to water and a resting place for the Inca nobility. It is made up of a set of finely carved stone structures, aqueducts (canals) and waterfalls from nearby springs and hot springs.


The City Tour Cusco, in any of the shifts (morning or afternoon), includes:

  • Tourist bus (Sprinter) for the tour of the city of Cusco and the 4 ruins.
  • Assistance and pick up from your hotel, in the historical center of Cusco.
  • Professional guide in the required language: English or Spanish.
  • First aid kit + assistance.

Not Include

  • Income to all tourist destinations mentioned in Cusco (Integral or Partial Tourist Ticket and the Santo Domingo – Qoricancha Ticket).
  • Accommodation in Cusco.
  • Meals.
  • Tips.
  • Other services not mentioned.

* General Tourist Ticket: BTG Integral 130.00 Soles – BTG Partial 70.00 Soles.
* Ticket Convent of Santo Domingo – Qoricancha: 15.00 Suns.
* These entrance tickets can be purchased in the city of Cusco.

Recomdations and packaging list

  • Original passport/Identity document.
  • A medium sized backpack for your personal belongings.
  • Snacks, mineral or energizing water.
  • Warm clothes: layers of variable temperatures, especially at night.
  • Thermals / gloves / scarves: wool socks / wool hat for cold nights, t-shirts for the whole excursion.
  • Camera.
  • Sunscreen / hat-cap and sunglasses.
  • Pills for altitude sickness.
  • Trekking shoes or waterproof boots for your greater comfort, if they are shoes with rubber or thick sole.
  • Extra money for drinks and tips, souvenirs, etc (suns or dollars).
  • Above all positive attitude and good humor.


Pricing List 2019 – 2020

  • 2 Travelers: $ 14.00
  • 3 – 4 Travelers: $ 12.59
  • 5 – 6 Travelers: $ 11.76
  • 7 – 8 Travelers: $ 10.64
  • 9+ Travelers: $ 9.80

*Price in USD per Person.

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