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Cusco – Andahuaylillas – Raqchi – La Raya – Pukara -Puno

The ancient capital of the Inca Empire is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions, including Machu Picchu. However, the Inca Citadel is not the only archaeological site that enjoyed great importance in Inca times. There is also the Raqchi Archaeological Complex, which, although not very well known, is a set of high quality buildings. The immense Temple of Wiracocha stands out there. Get to know the history behind such peculiar constructions in this archeological zone little known by tourists.

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During our trip that lasts 8 hours we will have 4 excursions and guided tours of the sights of the southern corridor of the altiplano visiting the temple of Andahuaylillas or Sistine Chapel of America, the Inca temple of Raqchi, the pass of the Raya at 4,335 m.a.s.l. and the museum Inka Aymara of Pukara. Each tour lasts 20 to 40 minutes, where the passenger can ask questions, take photos and walk a little, making our trip very pleasant.

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Typical Lunch Buffet, Food is made up of the Andes which is prepared with typical food and international food Novo Andina, the diet includes vegetables, grains, red and white meat and a wide variety of desserts, which are served in a comfortable restaurant typical of the city of Sicuani.

Departure from Cusco at 7:30 am, we arrive at the village of Andahuaylillas approx. 45 min., typical Spanish village which is located 35 km southeast of the city of Cusco by the paved road leading to Puno region. People who keep art treasures and gold in his church called Sistine Chapel of America, built by the Jesuits in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Its architectural structure is the classic small-town churches, the walls are wide, typical of colonial buildings made of mud bricks dried in the sun, a façade adorned with murals covering the walls and all roof models geometric and flower adorned with gold flakes. The interior decoration is the most impressive site.

Continuing east bound, at Km 125 of the road to Puno, along the Vilcanota River, we found the people of Raqchi. Evidence indicates that Raqchi was a town of multiple constructions for various purposes, houses, wayranas (buildings having only 3 walls), qolqas (stores), religious water fountains, etc. It was a very important town on the way to the Collasuyo.

The most important building within the complex is the Temple of Wiraqocha, which the chroniclers was built by the Inca in honor of God Wiraqocha Superior “Apu Kon Titi Wiraqocha”.

After this, we continued the trip to Sicuani, where we will taste a delicious lunch buffet.

Continuing the trip we got to the stripe that is at 4338 meters, from which to appreciate the snow, livestock such as alpacas, llamas and vicunas. The line is the border between Puno and Cusco, here one river goes to Cusco and other to Lake Titicaca.

Stop in the town of Pucara, an important center of livestock, textiles and pottery. This area Pukara culture developed over 3000 years ago, today it is possible to see the famous temple of Kalasaya an archaeological site where there was offerings to the Pachamama and the god sun. Also visit the museum that holds the remains of the Pucara culture and obelisks, ceramic, fabric, etc. Because this culture is considered one of the first in this area of the Peruvian-Bolivian altiplano.

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The “Sistine Chapel” of America.– The San Pedro de Andahuaylillas church is the greatest attraction for visitors, because of the quality of its works of art is considered the “Sistine Chapel” of America.

It was built by the Jesuits in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Its architectural structure is the classic one of the churches of small towns. Its walls are wide, typical of colonial buildings, made of sun-dried clay bricks, a facade decorated with murals and two stone columns projected towards the main gate. Although its architecture is relatively modest, the decoration of its interiors is the most impressive of the enclosure.

In the first place we can mention a painting of the “Virgen de la Asunción”, whose authorship is of the historical Spanish painter Esteban Murillo. There are also murals attributed to Luis de Riaño (17th century) which represents man’s choice for glory. This painter is also credited with the paintings that decorate the baseboards and a notable oil painting of the archangel San Miguel.

The church houses, additionally, a collection of canvases from the Cusqueña School never seen before, representing the life of Saint Peter (with impressive gold leaf frames), a majestic organ, silver jewelry and a baroque altar. Inside the enclosure, one can see rooms where there are remains of some Inca construction. Outside, on the western side of the front courtyard, there are three large sculpted crosses representing the Trinity, the Holy symbol of Catholicism, that is: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Raqchi: This archeological complex is located in the district of San Pedro de Cacha, province of Canchis, department of Cusco at 3460 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Quimsachata volcano. Archaeologists have divided it into 5 main sectors: (A) Temple of Wiracocha, (B) Plazas, (C) Colcas, (D) Mesapata and (E) Sector E, as well as an artificial water deposit in front of the Temple and a wall that surrounds the whole complex.


  • Admissions to all the attractions
  • Guide service on board and in the attractive
  • Lunch in the city of Sicuani.
  • Snacks and drinks aboard
  • Transfer hotel-bus station-hotel

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  • Drinks as Water
  • Telephone calls
  • Snack.

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  • Wear comfortable slippers, polo shirts, trousers, shorts, poncho (only in the rainy season Nov – Mar)
  • Sun hat, sunscreen, bottled water, and personal medications
  • Extra money
  • Portable chargers and cameras


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